Humans of Allen: Shaania and Maaha Sakhia


Julia Zaksek, Jr. managing editor

Twins Shaania and Maaha have shared many things as they’ve grown up together, but as they approached junior year, their academic path lead to a fork in the road. Shaania chose to take all IB courses and try for her IB diploma. Maaha chose to take all AP classes.

Shaania: “I chose IB because when I was hearing about it from the counselors, they told us that from the program you can get a lot of new experiences and find your areas of strength and what you like to do, and  don’t really know what I want to do.”

Maaha: I think I chose [AP] because first, I didn’t want to do what [Shaania] was doing. I’ve been taking AP since ninth grade, and I didn’t want to take IB plus all my electives. That would’ve resulted in too much work and a full schedule [like Shaanis’s].