Humans of Allen: Bailey Ralston

“I was so anxious. I had panic attacks all the time. I never knew where he’d pop up next.”


“Sophomore year was awful. I finally broke up with my boyfriend, then I had to get a restraining order from the school because he stalked me. The Monday after I broke up with him, Greg came into the cafeteria after following me to lunch and started screaming at me. A couple of my guy friends had to force him to leave me alone. He started waiting outside of every single one of my classes. I don’t even know how he managed that, but he would always be there. I had to have one of my friends walk me to and from every class. Eventually, we all realized how insane this was. I should be able to walk and feel safe inside my own school. I drew the line when he started calling my parents. They blocked his number, so he used other phones to call them to lie to them about things I’d been doing. He would say things like ‘Oh, Bailey’s going on a drug binge, watch out’. That’s when I decided to go to my counselor. When I got there, he walked out at the same time. He actually went to my counselor to lie to them about me going crazy. I went to the crisis counselor and cried and spilled my guts. I was so anxious. I had panic attacks all the time. I never knew where he’d pop up next. They bought my story a lot quicker than they bought his. It was brought to my principal, and my principal was so angry. They wrote [the restraining order] up and had us both sign it. He tried talking to me once last year at a fire drill, and I remember being in so much shock that I didn’t even hear what he said to me. People always tell me I’m so strong for getting through all of this, but I never once during any of this felt strong. I felt small and weak and like I wasn’t doing anything right. But I guess I did it.”