Q&A with Rudy Byrce


Julia Zaksek , Staff writer

This semester, Rudy Bryce moved from Scotland to Texas with his mom and step-dad. A runner since childhood, he found his niche in his new, overwhelming huge high school on the cross country team.

Q: Where exactly did you move here from?

A: I moved here from Glascow, Scotland, and I’d lived there for 17 years, so my whole life.


Q: Did you run cross country when you lived in Glasgow?

A: I ran in Scotland for 10 years, so I’ve been running a long time. And the sport is done differently there; it’s outside school a lot. I’ve won numerous medals at national championships doing different events, mostly field events.


Q: What was your first impression of America?

A: It was busy and really warm. I can just remember the heat when I went to New York; it was so humid.


Q: What was your first impression of the high school?

A: I thought the high school was huge. I couldn’t believe it. At my school in Scotland, it was a six year school, there were only 1500 students, and now that’s the size of my class.


Q: How have you liked running on the high school’s cross country team?

A: I love running on the cross country team. It was a great way to make lots of friends, and I really enjoy it.


Q: How have you like attending the high school?

A:  The high school’s good. I feel like the teachers are always willing to help, and there’s not an excessive amount of homework. It’s a really good school.


Q: What’s your favorite thing about America?

A: I think the opportunities I’m getting here at school.


Q: What’s your favorite thing about the high school?

A: My favorite thing about the high school is how close the cross country team is; we’re a really close group. We’re all friends and we hang out together outside school.


Q: What from Scotland do you wish America had?

A: I wish that Texas had some of the scenery that Scotland has, and maybe wasn’t as warm. It doesn’t get snow like Scotland has.


Q: Is there anything you dislike about America or the high school?

A: Not really, I really enjoy being here. I think the only thing I don’t like is my family’s not here, my family and friends from Scotland aren’t here.