To Draft or Not to Draft?

Registration Requirements up for Debate Again

To Draft or Not to Draft?

Julia Zaksek , Staff writer

The United States Armed Forces are facing a landmark decision in terms of military draft. At the end of November 2015, all combat jobs were opened to women. Previously, there had been restrictions on enrollment in different types of combat such as ground combat. Now with all the restrictions gone, the government is considering requiring all women ages 18-25 to register for all future drafts.

However, many are not on board with this change of procedure. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz slammed the idea as an exercise in “political correctness.” Many like Cruz still hold to the vintage idea that a woman’s place in wartime is the hearth.

Unfortunately for Cruz and his supporters, this isn’t the ‘50s. Women are no longer willing to accept that their worth is defined in terms of a husband, home and children.

This country does not only belong to men, it belongs to us too. If a woman wants to defend her home, no ancient and frankly sexist societal roles should hold her back.

Sure, it may be overly politically correct to assume that women and men are identical, because the truth of the matter is, we aren’t. However, that in no way should serve as a deterrent for women in the military. A good military plays to the strengths of all its soldiers, not just one group.

Opinions on the issue are flying, but Marine Corps Gen. Robert B. Neller and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley support the new changes to the draft. They hold that if an aspiring soldier meets the requirements for a role, they qualify. Under this criteria, there is no reason for exclusion of women from registering for the draft. Combat can be brutal, but if a candidate qualifies, they are equipped to handle it.

In an age of growing social reform and dare it be said, feminism, women should no longer be forced to accept no for antiquated and prejudiced reasons. All men and women are not created the same, but they are created equal.