Review: ‘Spectre’

Felix Kalvesmaki, Staff writer

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“Spectre” is a dynamic thriller filled with guns, over-the-top fight chase sequences and unnecessary romance. The 24th movie in the James Bond series takes us through Agent 007’s mission to bring down yet another terrorist organization, and to fall in love with yet another love interest to objectify. This isn’t to say it was a bad movie, per-se, it just didn’t have a ton of variety from the previous installments, or any action movie out there today.

A shadowy message from an underground terrorist organization dubbed Spectre, the movie’s namesake, brings Bond back into the spotlight for this movie. We watch as he travels across snowy forests, sun-dried deserts and everything in-between, in a mission to save England from terrorism. While its outlook sounds the same, it’s a departure from the darker tone the previous movie in the series, “Skyfall”, brought to the franchise.

Skyfall was an interesting left-hook. There wasn’t much of a love interest, there was a lot of personal info revealed about the typically mysterious Bond, and it featured the death of a major character, M. Compared to that, Spectre seemed like an almost boring return to the typical 007 persona.

It must be said though, that the cinematography, camera work, CGI and overall production of the film was beautiful. They spared no expense in making Spectre as visually appealing as possible, and it’s truly a sight to see. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple Oscar nominations in that area for Spectre.

Overall, Spectre returned to the basic formula shown in other Bond films, making for a rather plain spectacle in comparison to Skyfall, but still has a bit of charm in it’s cinematics. I’d give it the rating of B. I’d say it’s worth a ticket to see, for a Friday night when nothing else is happening.


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