Stepping Up Stadium Security

New Precautions Surface in Wake of Paris Attacks

Julia Zaksek, Staff writer

Fans clad in their country’s colors were in the middle of cheering on their team when two booming explosions split the air. Three civilians and three police officers died in two suicide bombings within the grounds of France’s Stade de France, where France and Germany were playing a friendly soccer game.

Since the attacks, the NFL has released a statement outlining new security measures that will be taken to protect all football fans.

Currently, there have been no reported threats on NFL stadiums but in the wake of the horror in Paris, there will be a noticeable increase in security personnel within and around stadiums. Although it has always been advised, the NFL is now strongly recommending that fans do not bring bags of any size to the stadium.

If a bag is absolutely necessary, it must be made of clear material and be no longer than 12 inches and no wider than six.

Allen and DeSoto’s Friday face off will be held at AT&T Stadium, but fans should not have any concerns. Security processes will progress as usual, if not with a tad more thoroughness.

Compliance with all security officials and any unexpected new procedures will make this Friday’s game enjoyable and safe for all students and spectators.