Presidential Candidate Profiles


Ben Carson: GOP/ Tea party

Education: Carson wants to promote private schooling rather than common core public schooling. Also, he believes that school choice increases competitive nature.

Healthcare: Carson believes that Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery. Also,vaccines are very important, and should be given to all people.

Marijuana: Carson wants to legalize Marijuana for medical use, but not for recreational use.


Bernie Sanders: Democrat

Education: One of his ideas are to require the students to take state tests every year. He believes that tests will be great identifiers of the students levels. Also, he suggest funding $84 million to Black and Hispanic colleges for support. Sanders want to support the ones in need, and provide equal opportunity for everyone in the United States.

Healthcare: Sanders supports the Obamacare system , but would rather have the single payer system . Also, he promotes helping low income children get dental care.

Marijuana: Sanders wants to legalize medical marijuana.


Donald Trump:Republican

Education:Trump wants to improve the environment of schools,and thinks that some schools do not give enough education to students as other schools . Also, he wants to give students meaningful education as well as qualities of citizenship, since he believes that most students graduate with a diploma for only attendance, not learning.

Healthcare: Trump thinks that Obamacare is a catastrophic program that has got to be removed and replaced. Also,he wants to save Medicaid,and grow the economy to keep those benefits.

Marijuana: Trump wants to legalize Marijuana,and tax it.


Hillary Clinton: Democrat

Education: Clinton wants to put her focus on the students and their future. Some of the things she suggests are to end predatory student loan rates over 20 percent. In other words, she wants no child to feel left out.

Healthcare: Clinton suggests keeping and strengthening Obamacare.

Marijuana: Clinton states that she is possibly going to legalize marijuana based on the scientific studies that are still going on.