Out of Date and Out of Touch

Donald Trump’s Vintage Attitude Towards the Modern Woman

It has been 189 years since the first high school for girls was opened, 177 years since the first all female college, 165 years since women were granted the right to own property, 95 years since women were given the right to vote, 70 years since the creation of Rosie the Riveter, 18 years since Madeline K. Albright became the first female U.S. Secretary of State, and one week since Donald Trump told Rolling Stone magazine that GOP runner Carly Fiorina would not be voted for because of her appearance, and because she is a woman.

Donald Trump is the GOP front-runner, topping the polls at a staggering 32 percent. He is the first Republican runner to top 30 percent support in the nomination race. But for a man who promises a better future, his view of women certainly seems to be stuck in the past.

Even before he pushed his way into the political spotlight, Trump was infamous for his disparaging comments on twitter about fellow female TV personalities and celebrities. Some of his more profound insults have been aimed at former TV show host Rosie O’Donnell, calling her “a mentally sick woman, a dummy, a bully, and above all, a loser.”

When asked why he feels it necessary to comment on women’s looks, in particular the looks of author Arianna Huffington, Trump wittily answered “because she is a dog who wrongfully comments on me.”

In an age of feminism, a word that must keep Trump up at night, I myself have wondered how Trump has managed to stay mostly unscathed. I have found that many Trump supporters think Trump’s few unseemly comments require no more dismal than a shrug and a good natured chuckle.

Because we know what happens to people who do dare to question Trump about his appalling comments.

On Aug. 6 the first Republican front-runners debate was aired live on Fox News. Reporter Megyn Kelly stepped into the lion’s den by asking “Your Twitter account has several disparaging comments about women’s looks. You once told a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. Does that sound to you like the temperament of a man we should elect as president, and how will you answer the charge from Hillary Clinton, who was likely to be the Democratic nominee, that you are part of the war on women?”

Trump responded by calling Megyn’s questions “ridiculous and off base.” But perhaps the most unnecessary and now notorious  comment was the one Trump made to CNN after the debate.

Donald Trump said that “you could see that there was blood coming out of her [Megyn Kelly’s]  eyes and blood coming out of her wherever.” Now Donald Trump later clarified he was speaking of her nose, but many took it as what we all know Donald Trump meant.

Is this what we’re going to let happen each time Donald Trump is asked a question that he can’t answer? Let him insult his way out of it then praise him for honesty? That’s not politics, that’s privilege and it’s about time America realized it.

Trump should not be underestimated in the world of politics. And neither should women. We are half the population of the country he wishes to lead and I for one am still waiting on his answer to Miss Kelly’s question.