Four of a Kind

Sara Schleede , Staffer

Skydiving, rock climbing and riding snowmobiles behind enemy lines. Hurriedly treating wounds before escaping hostile territory. This is the life of a pararescue jumper. This is the life junior Connor Williams has chosen.

“I think they are a great program,” Connor says of the Air Force. “They teach everyone discipline and respect and they’re just generally great.”

Connor’s choice to join the Air Force falls in line with the rest of his family. Connor is the youngest of four sons, and all of his older brothers are in the Armed Forces.

Clayton Williams, 25, and oldest brother to Connor, is an Army ranger. Collin Williams, 21, is a Marine, and second youngest brother Cory Williams, 19, is in the Navy. Connor said he has always looked up to his brothers. His brother Collin has always been a huge inspiration for him.

“I wanted to be just like him,” Connor says.

It was because of his brother Collin that Connor first considered joining the Marine Corps. It wasn’t until Clayton told him that by joining the Air Force he would complete the set: every Williams brother would be in each area of the Armed Forces.

“Eventually it just came down to I want to join the Air Force,” Connor says.

While Connor says he feels strong backing from his brothers in his decision to become an Air Force pararescue jumper, his parents are more hesitant about the idea.

“My mom doesn’t like the idea of all four of her sons being in the Armed Forces and I don’t think my dad likes it either,” Connor says. “They don’t like it, but they will support me.”

Connor and his brother Clayton have more in common than their love of the Armed Forces. The brothers both share a love of math and architecture.

“I think I get it from him,” Connor says.

In fact, Connor plans to enter those fields after his time in the Air Force.

“I really want to be either an engineer or an architect,” Connor says. “I’ve always loved math and science.”

In the meantime, Connor hopes to be stationed at the Air Force base in Texas.

Before Connor starts his Air Force duties, however, he will be doing physical training, a series of workouts given by a former Marine. Connor will take part in physical training in a year, and according to him, he is excited to start the process and begin his job as a pararescue jumper.

“I just want to help people,” Connor says.