Brow Down

Emily Haney, Staffer

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The subject of eyebrows has become a crucial matter in the past year or so. Eyes are the focal point of the face and because of this it is highly important to keep tabs on the facial hair above your lids. Brow game is a fashion statement, a masterpiece for others to marvel at with envy and fury and eventually inspiration to pluck, tame, shape and fill the space on your head with potential.

Eyebrows are technically a part of the makeup routine, but, I feel that anything worn can be a form of fashion—even your brows. That being said, the eyebrows are your babies, an accessory, a force to rock and be reckoned with. Actress Lily Collins and my personal favorite, model Cara Delevingne, have been prominent examples for the ladies on how to keep the brows strong or as the trending term would say, “on fleek.”

Getting your brows to look A1 is not as much of a talent as it is a chore. Practice still doesn’t make perfect in the eyebrow industry, so to take some pressure off of your non-identical brows, Cassandra Garcia, a New York City-based makeup artist, says “Remember, they’re sisters, not twins.”

To my homeboys sitting in classrooms reading this and thinking to themselves that this article is strictly for the ladies: ATTENTION ATTENTION, you males are not clear of brow critique either. In all actuality, this is FOR you and ABOUT you. Keep those brows in check boys, the ladies are known for paying EXTRA close attention to detail. There is a major difference between strong brows and bushy brows. You don’t lose your masculinity by killing off the stragglers. Pretty boys aren’t the only ones who need to keep the game on point. I promise that your testosterone will not vanish from finding your arch.

Ladies: do yourself a solid and swing by your local Sephora to ask a sales associate about your brows. Anastasia Beverly Hills exists for a very good reason and is waiting patiently on shelves in pomade form to get your eyebrows and your lives into tip-top shape. And gentlemen: Do what you gotta do man. Tweezers are sold on almost every corner in this town. And if you’re lacking inspiration: Google a picture of Chris Pine, and then look in a mirror. If that doesn’t clearly map you out a sense of direction; bless your soul (or get a wax). Keep it crucial, keep it strong, but most importantly—keep it clean.