Summer style trends

Emily Haney, staff writer

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With spring slowly fading and summer rapidly approaching, your A/Cs won’t be the only thing to spend money on this season. Summer styles usually don’t take the cake for cutest trends in my opinion, however I am very excited to see June bring out the bare shoulders and open toed shoes with its hot weather and summertime fads.

My favorite trend of this upcoming season is a ‘90s rerun, and I am LOVING IT. I welcome the denim overalls back into my life with open arms…literally. And give me a moment to gather my emotions over the debut of shorteralls — YES. THEY EXIST. AND THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. Who knew I’d love denim more than dresses this season. But of course I am and will always be hopelessly devoted to the simplicity of throwing on one item and calling it a day.

The maxi skirt/dress fad came back with a bang last summer, and I honestly hope it never ends. You can stick around as long as you’d like beautiful, I am your number one fan. However, I am not big on the high-low twist to the maxi dress… They may retire at any given time (right now is my suggestion). High-low dresses were just an idea gone wrong. I have yet to see a body type that they actually flatter, but the day I do — I will stand 100 percent corrected and root for that girl. You go, Glen Coco.

When I was 5 I owned a skort and since my donation of said skort to my local goodwill at age 7, I have been an advocate of wearing shorts underneath skirts. They say that everything comes back in style, but I never thought I would be able to apply that to my short span of 17 years on this earth. I like skirts and I really like shorts — add those together, and you get the skort. It’s back ladies (and gentlemen) (maybe?). It’s like the spork of all clothing, and if I get a chance to fully support this trend, I will hop on board (given the proper print and fabric of course).

Since hip stores like American Apparel and Urban Outfitters introduced the average teen girl to crop tops, they have become a vital part of the sweaty seasons. Airing out your belly button in that 98 degree weather only seems like the logical and practical route to being cool – literally. Personally, seeing the grimey metal band tees cut up in every which way is a favorite fad of mine. But please ladies and gentlemen: If you’re going to wear that AC/DC shirt from Forever 21’s graphic tee section, please know a song or two. Heaven forbid you actually know a member of the band.

The shoes are always the most crucial part of every season because lets be honest — you could be wearing a paper bag but have on Christian Louboutins and no one would care that you look like your middle school lunch table. Birkenstocks, gladiators and Jelly sandals. The ‘90s (jelly sandals) and 300 B.C. (gladiators) all in one season. Birkenstocks will live on forever. Gladiators are controversial, but I fully support them, and last but not least the trend I wish I could participate in but sadly cannot fit into because I feel out of my element— the jelly sandals. If you are taking on ‘90s grunge with success, I envy you and your clear shoes. Socks and sandals are always a good idea. Right on.

I’m all about the summer fashions, but lets get real: I will spend 98 percent of the summer in over sized tank tops, Nike shorts and my adventure-friendly Chacos. Yes. I am pro the “Chaco.” I am also pro no makeup in weather over 80 degrees. So that two percent is not only a good source of calcium but also a good time to test out the summer trends. Have a stylin’ summer AHS.

Sincerely, Stylish