Prom After-Party

At the end of the prom dance, usually students make plans to extend the fun with their friends by hanging out. A way to continue with the fun with friends is the after-party thrown by the After Prom Organization. This after-party is a tradition that has been held since 1993. After Prom is an organization that plans the party, and this year the senior lead coordinator is Stacy Eisenberg. She is one of the many parent volunteers helping to prepare and organize the After Prom.


In the past, the after-party was held at Allen High School and started soon after the dance ended. This year the after-party begins at 11 p.m. and runs until 5 a.m. on April 23. This year’s theme for the event is the beach.


Although the party starts at 11 p.m., the doors close at 2 a.m. and will not allow any students to enter. The after-party is not a lock-in, but once students leave the party they are not allowed to come back.


The Prom after-party offers many different activities all night long, such as dancing, games, a casino, photo stations, food, drinks, scholarship raffles and other prizes. 


The raffles for the scholarships start at 4:30 a.m., students must be present to win, and only Allen High School seniors are eligible to win prizes.


In the past, the Allen community donated different foods for students to eat at the party. Donations include  breakfast food from Whataburger, taster platters from bundt cakes, candies and even hamburgers. This year’s menu is still being decided, and nothing has yet to be catered or sponsored. The After Prom organizing committee will also be hiring a DJ for the music this year.


Tickets will be available after spring break, but prices have yet to be released. Early ticket sales will include special VIP perks. To keep ticket prices down, the After Prom has relied on donations from parents and other members of the  community.


Seniors going to the after party do not have to attend prom to be allowed in the after party. Only seniors and their one guest are allowed to attend the after-party, and guests will need to have their tickets. If someone that doesn’t go to Allen wishes to attend, the tickets would need to be purchased by an Allen senior accompanying them.


All information in the article is current as of Feb. 14, 2023.