Allen’s Very Own Luke Potter

In the digital age, aspiring musicians of all ages have access to apps like SoundCloud, Spotify, Tidal and YouTube where they can attempt to accomplish their dreams. Senior Luke Potter is no different, and he is taking advantage of the opportunity available.

Potter, known by the artist name of cld and formerly cldsummer, is a producer, writer and singer/rapper. His versatility as an artist has boosted him on the scene of the underground hyperpop community on various streaming platforms. It’s been a slow grind, as music has been a part of his identity for years now.

“I started drumming, DJing and making beats in sixth grade,” Potter said. “But I started recording my vocals and posting beats under the name cldsummer in December 2020.”

Versatility can be an attractive feature for those in the music scene. Potter himself does not stick labels on his music, or himself as an artist.

“I make a very wide variety of music I’d say,” Potter said. “I go from almost alternative rock with guitar, to rapping and singing on synth melodies with hard drums.”

Confidence as an aspiring artist is important. It’s easy to see a number, not be satisfied, and quit. While Potter has been gaining more and more success as time passes, it has not always been easy for him. 

“In the past it’s been difficult to keep going, but I’ll never quit my favorite form of creative expression,” Potter said.

Potter has been gaining traction through streaming services, SoundCloud specifically. On his account, Potter has amassed roughly 850 followers, with numbers steadily rising monthly. Through collaborations with other artists, Potter has gotten his name out there and increased his reach.

“My three biggest individual songs have done 42,900, 20,500 and 19,300 plays respectively,” Potter said. “Combined over all streaming platforms, I’ve done 200,000 total streams.”

Seniors Brennan Cooper and Matt Lengel are both close friends and partners of Potter, as they are all collaborators in a band called Paracosm. 

“Me and Luke have been very close friends since about the eighth grade,” Cooper said. “We play in a band together, so I try to write ideas and co-write songs with him, it helps us both grow as musicians I think.”

Cooper has been there from the beginning of the original cldsummer, and has seen Potter’s development first hand.

“Seeing Luke grow as a musician is so interesting, because he’s come so far from where he began,” Cooper said. “He started off primarily on beats and drums, but he taught himself guitar and has expanded his possibilities. It’s so cool to see.”

Cooper’s background in music has been integral to him and Potter’s collaboration as artists. 

“I’ve been lucky enough to have always grown up around music, as I come from a musical family,” Cooper said. “The more I listened the more involved I became, and I think my experience makes me an appreciative and honest collaborator.”

Lengel is also a contributor to Paracosm. As a musician and friend of Potter, he said there is “a lot to admire.”

“Luke is a very good friend of mine, and it makes me happy to see the growth he’s had,” Lengel said. “He’s very talented and deserves all his success.”

As high school nears its end for Potter, he has made his decision on what he wants to do.

“I plan to go to college no matter what, even if I’m unsure of where that will be,” Potter said. “I do know for sure that I will continue making music no matter where I end up.”

Potter has goals he hopes to attain in the future.

“Signing a record deal and going on tour would be sweet,” Potter said.

In the end, streams and superficial ideas of success mean little to Potter. He cares about finding satisfaction in the deeper concept of his music.

“If even one person can connect, relate or enjoy my music, then I’ll be happy,” Potter said. “I’ll be proud of the work I’ve done.”