Music Spotlight: Dream Perfect Regime

Screencap from Da-Bin Hong’s “Jasmine” music video (

Dream Perfect Regime, more commonly known as DPR, is a collaborative label based in Seoul, South Korea, headed by four main artists. Christian Yu, Da-Bin Hong, Hyung-Mo Kim and Scott Kim — known more popularly as DPR IAN, LIVE, CREAM and REM respectively — make up the main team of DPR and individually they release singles, EPs, and occasionally, albums. Together, the team produces music, directs videos and creates various works of visual art which is then compiled into one, cohesive composition. 

Hong and Yu are the two in the project who release the most individual music and often collaborate with each other and various East Asian artists. Some of their more popular tracks include Hong’s “Jasmine” and “KISS ME” and Yu’s “So Beautiful” and “Ballroom Extravaganza.” The group also has a collaborative album with three of the four main artists, Hong, Yu and Hyung-Mo, called “DPR ARCHIVES.” This album is the first major musical collaboration between the members of DPR and it contains one of their most loved songs, “zombie pop” by Yu. 

Their harmonious music is accompanied by incredibly artistic videos and album covers reminiscent of an art gallery. Hong’s “Jasmine” is filled with beautifully shot clips of sunsets, forests and various scenes of nature that perfectly match the mellow tone of the song. Yu’s “So Beautiful” has impactful lighting and powerful acting to support the dramatic themes within the song. 

Besides the videos, each album cover is poetic in a sense, incorporating various media from photography to digital drawings as well as utilizing editing techniques such as grayscale filters and stunning lighting. All of the attention to the creative aspects are a part of the label’s concept and are laid out on their website. Even on the website, everything is displayed as a portfolio, flowing as one cohesive piece.

Their visuals are more than just artwork; they evoke emotions true to the concept of the songs and images. In “So Beautiful” Yu brings a sense of curiosity mixed with fear with the grayscale video, skillful use of makeup and special effects. He uses rain to cause feelings of despair and sets the tone to be sort of desolate. Yu’s acting however is what’s more consistent with the powerful tones of the song. He contrasts the desolate mood with frightening movements and facial expressions which match the dynamic song.

“KISS ME” by Hong is meshed with another of Hong’s songs called “NEON” as the two flow together in his solo album “IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?” Within the video, a passionate scene is laid out with a man located in a space station speaking into a phone. The video uses colorful lights to highlight the positive energy within the song while also reflecting the encouragement Hong is conveying about being yourself.

Yu’s latest album release, “Moodswings In To Order,” was created to play out over two short films and layout a story. Part one was released on the day that the album was released and portrays the various internal struggles that many people face in day to day life. Despite the melancholy theme, Yu manages to make the video more comforting rather than full of anguish. His ability to convey such impactful themes through his music and artistry helps people relate better to the music and his concept.

The pairing of their visual artistry with their music enhances the experience but does not mean that the music cannot stand alone. While their music videos are inspired and emotional, their music itself has depth and conveys significant themes. 

Songs such as Yu’s “Dope Lovers” have an air of dreaminess that transport listeners to almost another dimension. While listening, you can’t help but get captivated by the music as it draws you in with unique musical concepts that people have said cannot even be determined as a certain genre. This is only one of many songs by the label that provide these emotions with such intensity. Others include Yu’s “Nerves” and Hong’s “OUT OF CONTROL,” from their respective albums “Moodswings in This Order” and “IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?”

Dream Perfect Regime has practically perfected a cohesive, artistic approach to music. Their creativity and concept is a work of art and can inspire not just artists but everyone. The music relates to day to day struggles while tying in a concept of beauty and how it’s found in more places than one. A new artist for a new generation, DPR captivates audiences and is great for all to listen and watch.