Fall Vs. Spring Sports


Picture provided by Brenna Zerby. This is the cross country team at their first race of the season. The team had a great race, and continued on to have a fantastic season overall.

At the beginning of every school year, the anticipation creeps up as the days fade away, leading up to some of the most-looked-forward-to events at Allen. Fall and spring sports are very different, and that is exactly how Allen treats them. The battle of the seasonal sports is a constant struggle to gain the spotlight at Allen, and it’s time to spread the light on everyone.


“I feel like especially compared to football, which is like the main sport at Allen, I feel like we get less attention definitely,” senior varsity baseball player Luke Voorhies said. “I still like playing in the spring though, because the weather’s nice.”


Fall sports receive incredible attention, some more than others, from the students, teachers and parents at Allen. Football, volleyball, tennis and cross country are what comes with the first semester at school. Which is why it’s quite easy to forget all the other sports that take place in spring.


“I like when fans are at games, I just like playing for people,” Voorhies said. “I wish people knew that baseball isn’t just a bunch of people standing around, it’s really fun when you get into it.” 


While some may prefer fans, sometimes it can throw them off their game.


“I play worse with a lot of fans, personally,” sophomore varsity soccer player Sutton Markee said. “It makes me nervous having a lot of people watch me and I play worse when I’m nervous. I just take a lot of deep breaths and listen to music before games to get in my zone and stay there.” 


While most fall sports usually have a packed student section, there are some that are forgotten. Allen is a huge football school, which takes up most of the fall season. However, that doesn’t mean that all our fall sports receive the same attention.


“I don’t feel like we have a very big support group, in terms of students,” senior cross country runner Brenna Zerby said. “I just feel like we’re not very acknowledged at Allen.”