The Deeper Meaning Behind Our Favorite Seasons


Autumn Tree

Why does everyone have a favorite season? This question may be answered by psychology, which states that favorite seasons are often linked to certain smells, tastes, visual, and auditory senses of a specific experience.

“Something associated with fall would be sweet apple cider,” senior Skylar Yoo said. “The crisp and slightly sharp taste of apple cider reminds me of the time my friends and I would have a get together after the pumpkin patch to relax and spend fall altogether.“Every time I drink apple cider, it always makes me think about how I really love fall and love drinking apple cider every year.”

Sometimes the reasoning behind our favorite seasons may be because of the holidays that come during those months.

“My memories of autumn are of recollections of walking past neighbor’s homes decorated for Halloween,” senior Amariah Isom said. “I love the spooky aesthetics of Halloween, the ghosts and the black cats.”

Not only is autumn a popular favorite among Allen students, the wintertime follows closely behind. There’s also holidays in the wintertime that makes winter a favorite season for students.

“I like the winter because it’s Christmas time, I spend time with my family, we open presents and laugh a lot,” junior Alexis Posey said. “I decorate the upstairs Christmas tree with my brothers, but I get more say in decorating the tree because I’m the oldest, but we get along,”

Smells can be closely connected to memories which are linked to the reasoning behind someone’s favorite season. The simplest things, such as lighting a candle or smelling various essences in a specific season can be the reason why someone likes a certain season so much.

“When I think of autumn, the scent of cinnamon and other spices come to mind,” Isom said. “My family likes to light scented candles to fit the theme of the seasons or holidays happening during the seasons, so spicy scented candles come to mind.”

Favorite seasons are also determined by other factors such as a preference for temperature or being able to dress a certain way, but even those are connected to memories of enjoying such circumstances. It’s always so interesting to see the reasons behind people’s favorite seasons, may it be big or small.