Orchestra Spotlight


Shared interests in Allen High School are what brings a lot of students together, especially when it comes to orchestra. There are many talented students who are navigating the pathways of their skills and along the way found people that also share their love for orchestra.

At the beginning of orchestra, students must decide which instrument they want to play, the one that they will stick with throughout their orchestra experience.

“So we started orchestra in sixth grade, and out of all the instruments, I just liked the idea of playing the bass. We only had about five minutes to decide, but I’m glad I made a good choice,” senior Grace Droge said.

Not only does orchestra allow students to express their musical abilities, it also allows them to foster strong relationships with their peers and teachers.

“My favorite part is just connecting with other people because it’s one thing to just play alone, but with other people it’s really nice. It’s not like a traditional classroom where you’re only just learning, but you’re learning about other people and doing music with them too.” senior Victor Ngyuen said.

When it comes to performances such as the UIL Region contest, which can be a nerve wracking experience, the presence of other orchestra students is always comforting.

“It’s a live audition and there’s 24 violinists in a room, five judges, but they can’t see you play three songs, and at the end of the day you get the results,” Nguyen said. “I’ve done it since eighth grade, but I’ve always been nervous but it’s okay since everyone else is nervous too so you can feel like that energy.”

It’s not only Region and Area contests that make some orchestra students nervous, but the select few who get to perform at the state level also face a lot of pressure to do well.

“I thought I wasn’t good enough to make it, but I made it! It’s really nice to be with other musicians who have a similar mindset, you kind of gain confidence from their own confidence,” Droge said.