“Fighting Cancer Is in Our Blood”

A newly formed club at Allen High School, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS), hopes to bring attention to the second-leading cause of cancer deaths among children and adolescents: leukemia and lymphoma.

“Leukemia and lymphoma are blood cancers,” ​​junior and club president Hazaifa Sundal said. “They’re the second leading cause of cancer deaths in all teens, which is our age group, but, oftentimes, you’re not really told much about it.”

Personally affected by the brutality of cancer, Sundal aims to educate others about ways it can be prevented.

“I’ve had family members affected by cancer,” Sundal said. “It’s an issue and a really big deal. We, as a part of the student body and as human beings of our planet, need to be more aware of cancer’s existence and ways we can prevent it.”

Similarly, more than 40 students who have shown interest in LLS have identified their own goals as club members.

“I’m interested in the medical field,” junior Waniya Ahmed said. “So, for me, this club presents me with an opportunity to work towards a better understanding of the medical field. I hope to gain more experience with ways I can help spread awareness about medical issues.”

LLS plans to achieve its goals by approaching things a little differently than the majority of the other clubs at Allen High School.

“We don’t ask you to pay dues or commit to certain service hour requirements like most clubs,” Sundal said.

Although service hours are not required to be a club member, LLS plans to provide members with several volunteer opportunities.

“Light The Night was our first event with service-hour opportunities,” Sundal said. “This event is managed by the actual Leukemia and Lymphoma Society itself. Usually, not many students go, but this year, we went to the Dallas locations and showed our support there.”

Additionally, the club is partnered with a student-run team directly associated with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This partnership presents the club with possible fundraising opportunities in the future.

“Our club is partnered with Create a Cure, a team that is a part of LLS’s Student of the Year campaign,” Sundal said. “It’s a huge fundraising campaign where students get together and raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.”

Club members are excited to participate in a club that teaches the youth ways to stay healthy and prevent common cancers.

“We’re all under a common goal: to help people out,” junior Byoung Lee said.