Allen Curtains Open For Treasure Island


The stage lights are on, and the company of Allen High School’s current fall play, “Treasure Island,” all agree they could not be more ecstatic about having the chance to tell a story to the community once more. 


From the actors, to all of the students working behind the scenes on marketing, set building, lighting design and costumes, every member of the company is preparing to kick off the school year with what is traditionally an adventurous play that students say they hope will allow them to explore the boundaries of their creativity.


“I didn’t know how in-depth you had to get to portray a character. I really find it unique; this is really a hard process to go through,” Junior Gavin Moore, who portrays Israel Hands the pirate, said. 


“Treasure Island” has been a great experience for many students to try out new things and experiment with different theatrical jobs. Taking on the role of assistant director, stage m

Anna Kimball and Stori James on the set of “Treasure Island”. Photo by Evan Arnold.

anager, or crew head, the show is full of students pushing themselves to adopt leadership positions and get the play ready for opening night. 


“Everyone has put so much work into this: the scenic, the props, the costumes, the actors. I just know when it all comes together, it’s going to be an experience like no other,” senior Megan McMurray, said. 


McMurray serves as a costume crew head for the production and has been working hard to dress the whole cast as pirates living in the 1700s. Senior Benny Goode, also serves as a member of the costume crew.


“I’ve jammed my finger several times and poked myself with a needle, but I still wouldn’t trade the experience for the world,” Goode said. 


However, cast and crew members say the process has had its ups and downs. 


“There’s a lot to do in little time,” junior Sarah Swan, a costume crew member, said. 


As the opening night approaches — rather early in the school year for a large production — everyone in the company is feeling pressure as they go into tech week. There’s a lot of aspects to a big production such as “Treasure Island,” and getting everything together in a short six weeks has been difficult work, but most of the cast and crew say they have remained optimistic. 


The scenic crew building the set and adding finishing touches. Photo by Evan Arnold.



“It is just overall a beautiful story that the whole family can enjoy. Especially to be back in a full live audience will be something so special,” senior John Regan, who portrays Captain Smollet on stage, said. 



The cast and crew of “Treasure Island” invites you to “escape for a little bit, have a little bit of a distraction and just enjoy art”, as you watch them in the lights together once again. The show will open on Thursday, with more performances on October 1 and October 2. Tickets can be purchased at