Pep Rally Friday

AHS is hosting its first pep rally of the school year Friday morning during first period. School administration recently provided some reminders for students and parents:

  • Parents will be allowed in at 8:15 through the Auxiliary Gym entrance.
  • The main hall will open at 8:30 as normal so students can go to their first period classroom. Those who do not have a first period will be sent to the cafeteria or will stay in the PAC. Teachers may allow students to leave bags in their classrooms if they choose.
  • Band will begin their main hall march at 8:35.  
  • All students attending the pep rally will follow the band into the gym.
  • Students choosing not to attend the pep rally need to stay in the cafeteria, library or PAC.  
  • The pep rally will conclude at 9:15. Students with a 1st period class at AHS will report to their classroom for attendance by 9:20.  
  • STEAM students who have a 1st period class will scan into the HERO system for attendance located outside the library. STEAM students who have a 2nd period at the STEAM center and need shuttle services will need to report immediately after the pep rally to the teardrop to catch the shuttles that will depart at 9:25. Students who are performing at the pep rally who need shuttle service to STEAM for second period will ride the late shuttle scheduled for 9:35.
  • All LFC students will report to 1st period and class will be conducted as normal.

Students and any visiting parents are asked adhere to this guidance so that everyone can have a safe and fun pep rally.