• Eagle Stadium Closed for 2014-2015 School Year

  • Eagle stadium shut down for safety concerns

Football for Beginners

Football for Beginners

Jackson Stone , Staffer

Quarterback- Connor Smith The job of the quarterback can be complicated, learning plays and leading the offense is the ultimate goal. “Every week to prepare we watch film on the other team to formulate...  Read More »

September 25, 2014 • 0 comments

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The Reel Side of Filmmaking

Jacob Pena, staff writer

Films. Fictional, documentative, horrifying or even animated, people are drawn by the masses to see films. In 2012 the American film industry grossed $10.8 billion,...  Read More »

April 9, 2014 • 0 comments

You get a ring. And you get a ring. Everybody gets a ring.

March 28, 2014

Softball program hires all new coaches

March 28, 2014

Adding to the future

March 28, 2014

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I’m better than you

David Bryant , Staffer

Monica McGee awoke to a perfectly normal day. She said good morning to her parents in their first language: ASL. People in all walks of life are affected by deaf culture. This possibly unknown culture...  Read More »

October 14, 2014 • 0 comments

Best and worst first jobs

September 29, 2014

Mascots revealed

September 25, 2014

Choosing a Path

September 25, 2014

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  • No Good Deed

    There are only a few types of movies I will willingly go and watch. Chick flicks, because who doesn’t like a good romance. Comedies of course becaus...

  • This is All Yours

    With its complicated arrangements and unique tone, alt-J’s second album “This Is All Yours” is a refreshing take on the alternative-indie genre ...

  • Pinterest tutorials review

    #1 Alcohol ink candleholder - crafts.squidoo.com/how-to-use-alcohol-ink-on-glass This simple project I found on Pinterest teaches how to splatter p...

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    The Kooks, a British born band, have everything you would love about a band. Every song on their new album, “Listen”, is upbeat, spunky, and fun. ...

  • Jeezy: “Seen it all- the Autobiography”

    Jeezy’s new album has strong rhythms that you can really move to. “What You Say” is hands down my favorite song from “Seen it all-the autobiog...

  • Wiz Khalifa: “Blacc Hollywood”

    Why are people saying “best album ever?’ He released two songs and they were both horrible. I was not really impressed with the “O.N.I.G.C.” a...

  • Maroon 5 “V” Review

    After spending almost an hour listening to the entirety of Maroon 5’s newest release “V”, I have come to the conclusion that while there are qui...

  • Lanyards

    There is a new and controversial accessory/amendment thief/ prison uniform or straight up piece of fabric that has all students here at the always lov...

  • Idols of Our Generation

    In pop culture today, society idolizes a variety of different Hollywood stars, runway glamour, and big-named artists. All of the superstar celebrities...

  • Brow Down

    The subject of eyebrows has become a crucial matter in the past year or so. Eyes are the focal point of the face and because of this it is highly impo...